Teacher Planning Day

Teacher Planning Day Camp

Since we follow the Miami-Dade Public School Calendar, we are closed on Teacher Planning Days. HOWEVER... while there are no afternoon classes, WE HAVE A CAMP ALL DAY LONG! The way we figure it, parents have to leave their kids SOMEWHERE on these days, so WHY NOT THE DOJO? With three martial arts classes held during the course of the camp, our students are able to stay in practice - even on a day off. And parents can rest assured their kids are doing something safe and productive while they're not in school.


Here's how it works:

  • When: Every MDPS Teacher Planning Day. We send an email announcement - or try to - but if in doubt, just give us a buzz!

  • Where: South Miami Taekwondo Main Dojo at 4542-B SW 75th Ave, 33155

  • Who: Any kids 5 and up. Members or non-members - so students of SMTKD, feel free to bring a buddy!

  • Admission: $40 for the first sibling, $20 for each additional sibling.

  • Lunch: We do not provide lunch, but we do have a nice refridgerator, so kids can leave their food there until lunch time. And we have vending machines with power bars, chips, trail mix etc, so no one will starve if they forget their lunch.

  • What We Do: The main focus is for the kids to HAVE FUN! Yes, we do martial arts training during the camp, but the kids also have a blast just playing with the gear and pads (all safe, of course). Electronics are allowed, but we supervise usage so they're not sitting around ALL day on YouTube or playing video games. And of course there are martial arts classes. So students can stay in practice, and non-members get an opportunity to learn a little martial arts while they're here! Amazingly, a lot of the training goes on unprompted. I've never seen a camp day where there wasn't one kid helping out another with a form or technique. Sparring, of course - as well as any other risky activity - is not allowed without strict supervision

Talking with the Kids


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